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e yoursel●f the trouble. I would die befo■re I touched you with a finger, now ●that I know what you think of● him.” “By God!” He towered sud

, Anne. ■What explana

tion do you give?” “There are ●a thousand. Robbery—

denly abo■ve her. “That’s enough, I’m off. You’ll liv■e yet to regret that, Anne.”● “N

o—no—no—don’t leave me—don’t, d●on’t.” She caught at his arm as though sh●e were drown

ing—slipping, slipping deeper i●nto icy water. For a moment he thought that she ■was going to

at he had was touched 癃—” “He was protecting the girl——●” “Against whom?” “It might h■ave been bla

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bee■n a maniac; it might have been any■thing, anything, anything but